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Provincial Nominee Program Draws: April 8–24

Six new draws have taken place over the last few weeks, inviting another 1,237 candidates to four different provinces.

British Columbia issued three of those draws, on April 9, 16, and 23. Minimum scores for the draws on April 9 and 16 were 105 for the EEBC categories and SI-International Graduate categories, and 95 for the SI-Skilled worker categories. The latter was a Tech Pilot draw, and scores were a bit lower across all categories at 90 across the board, with no comparable entry-level candidates. The categories with the lowest minimum score for the two were Entry Level and Semi-Skilled, at 75 points. 

Manitoba issued 403 invitations on April 11 under the Skilled Workers Overseas stream, with 51 invited directly under a strategic recruitment initiative and 352 invited under the regular program. 
The minimum scores were 695 and 561 respectively, down from 719 and 563 in Manitoba’s previous draw. 

Saskatchewan also conducted a draw on April 17, inviting 334 candidates from the Occupations In-Demand and Express Entry streams, with a minimum score of 60 for both. 

Prince Edward Island’s draw on April 18 invited 130 candidates in total, with 17 invited as Business Work Permit candidates and 113 as Labour and Express Entry invites. The minimum score for this draw dropped to 107 from the previous 110.

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