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Vancouver Island Needs Immigration for Growth

Vancouver Island needs more people. According to WorkBC, it will have 150,000 unfilled jobs in just ten years.

In Victoria, baby boomers are retiring from the workforce, but there aren’t enough younger workers to take their place, resulting in gaps in the labour market. 

A talk on April 25 at the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce addressed this issue, with Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen in attendance as well as Chamber CEO Catherine Holt.

Speaking to CTV News, Holt said, “We invited the minister here because we agree with his message: Immigration is an economic issue.” She hopes that an influx of international students can help boost Victoria’s economy. 

The issue extends far beyond Vancouver Island, however — the Conference Board of Canada anticipates immigration to be the sole driver of population growth in 15 years, making positive attitudes towards immigration crucial to Canada’s economic future.

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