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Youth Mobility Agreement Between Canada and Luxembourg

An agreement between Canada and Luxembourg will give youth aged 18 to 30 the chance to work for 12 months under three categories: Working Holiday, International Co-Op, or Young Professionals.

The arrangement, signed yesterday, will allow a maximum of 100 Canadian youth per year to travel and work in Luxembourg, and vice versa. With the new addition of Luxembourg, Canada now has 35 such arrangements with foreign countries, helping youth obtain valuable work experience and a broader cultural perspective.

The three categories in the program allow youth to receive either an open work permit under the Working Holiday program or employer-specific work permits under the International Co-op and Young Professionals program.

The International Co-op program allows students to obtain work permits in their field of study, while the Young Professionals program allows young people to obtain professional experience that relates to their studies or career path.

So far, 200,000 youth in Canada have taken advantage of the opportunity to work abroad through various Youth Mobility Arrangements.

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