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Barriers to Permanent Residence for Caregiver Newcomers

Newcomer caregivers organized a demonstration in Toronto on Mother’s Day to protest the barriers they face under the current immigration caregiver program.

The old program is set to expire in November and a replacement has yet to be determined, though Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen did announce two new pilot programs in February. The new programs will have more spaces for applicants and a clearer path to permanent residency and will give caregivers’ family members the opportunity to apply for work permits in Canada. 

While the new programs would address some of the issues brought to light under the old program, the lack of legislation to put them in place is a concern for caregivers. 

Currently, newcomer caregivers face an interim program that excludes many who don’t meet strict language and educational requirements. Permanent residency and programs that help caregivers bring their families to Canada would, in turn, help them care for Canadian families.