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Confirm You Permanent Residence Status Online

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, IRCC is allowing qualifying individuals to confirm their permanent resident (PR) status using a new and secure online portal.

For most applicants, in-person interviews are no longer required.

IRCC has sent eligible applicants emails about the permanent residence portal using the subject line “IRCC - Permanent Residence Portal (PR Confirmation) / Portail de résidence permanente (Confirmation de la RP)” to inform them of this option. Applicants are reminded that the sender email address must have as its ending to be legitimate.

Separate from an applicant’s IRCC account, the portal allows applicants to submit photos for PR cards as well as confirm details like addresses and whether or not they are in Canada. It can also be used to obtain proof of PR status.

Applicants who are interested in hiring a representative to provide advice and assistance during this process are reminded that immigration and citizenship consultants are authorized to offer these services.


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