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Crandall University to Launch Business Program for International Students

With the recent influx of international students in Canada, Crandall University in New Brunswick has developed a business program specifically tailored to them.

It has been introduced as an international program alongside their unique International Bachelor of Commerce program, which allows international students to study for their first two years in their home country and then complete the final two years in Canada.

The program will allow international students to study the fundamentals of business for one year, either as a diploma program after high school or as an additional certification after graduating from a four-year program.

International students often decide to study in Canada as an inroad to Canadian citizenship; completing post-secondary programs in Canada enables newcomers to apply for a Post-Graduation Work Permit, which licenses them to work in Canada. 

Crandall University is one of several Canadian universities that have been actively recruiting international students to help buffer the lack of Canadian high school graduates. International recruits allow universities to maintain enrolment numbers and increase campus diversity.

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