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Employed Immigrants in Canada at New Statistical High

A recent internal federal analysis showed that 71% of immigrants between ages 25 and 54 are employed, the highest such number since these statistics started being recorded in 2006.

The government’s focus on job creation for newcomers and bringing in newcomers who are likely to succeed in Canada are credited for the success, even though Canada has brought in more newcomers in recent years. Low unemployment rates have left employers struggling to fill labour vacancies and bringing in skilled newcomers may be key to solving the problem.

Canada plans to accept 331,000 newcomers in 2019, with the number increasing by 10,000 per year until 2021. Business leaders have lobbied for Canada’s political parties to maintain their positive attitudes towards immigration in the face of unrest in other countries, since the economic benefits for employers are clear. 

These benefits hinge on how well immigrants integrate into their new home, but negative attitudes towards immigration can also cause their success to stagnate in the face of discrimination.