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Express Entry Draw #210

On November 24, 613 new candidates were invited by the government to apply for permanent residence using the Express Entry system.

This week’s requirements

The people that were selected for Wednesday’s round of invitations were ranked at the 613th position or above, according to the points-based system that the government uses to prioritize candidates. On that last draw, the lowest-ranked candidate that was invited had a CRS score of 737 points.

Are you likely to be the next candidate?

Be aware of the instructions that are used by the Express Entry system to proceed with immigration draws. The instructions followed by the platform are posted online at the time of the invitation round. According to the government official’s website, they include the invitation round’s date and number, the number of candidates that will be selected to receive an invitation to apply and “which immigration program(s) are included in the round (some invitation rounds may only invite candidates for one program, for example selecting candidates from only the Federal Skilled Trades)”.

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