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How to get your foreign credentials recognized in Canada

How to get your foreign credentials recognized in Canada

New immigrants who are internationally trained face the challenge of having their credentials recognized in Canada.

There are different types of credential recognition services available. You must understand the differences when choosing between these services. If you are planning to attend university, there may be a certain type of foreign credential assessment required by the university as part of the registration process. If you are looking to get re-certified by a regulatory body, that body may have its own assessment process.

Regulated or Un-regulated professions

In Canada, some professions are regulated, and regulatory bodies are responsible for recognizing your qualification. Contact the appropriate regulator to inquire about the re-credentialing process as this may differ by province. Use the Foreign Credential Recognition in Canada Tool to find out where to get your credential recognized.

For non-regulated professions, recognition is at the discretion of employers.

Change in Career

In case you decide to change your career in Canada, depending on the skills gap, you may need to upskill or complete certification.

Foreign Credential Recognition (FCR) Loans Program

This is a federally funded project across Canada offering guidance and support for internationally trained professional newcomers. Based on the unique needs of the client, an experienced counsellor helps develop a short-term and long-term plan with supports for job search, training and re-credentialing funding as well as connections to employers and industry networks.

In British Columbia, the FCR Loan program is offered by Global Talent Loan program at Immigrant Services Society of BC (ISSofBC), an immigrants’ settlement service provider. Supports include Job Search, Career counselling, Funding and Networking supports. For more information, you may email ISS at or call 778-372-6609. For other provinces, please contact your local settlement agency for information.

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