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Immigration Reform in Quebec will Reduce Wait Times

A new immigration selection system was launched in Quebec on Thursday which will reduce wait times for immigrants and help connect them with the right employers.

Immigrants applying through the new system will submit an online application through a portal called Arrima, where they will fill out an expression of interest form with information about their training, language skills, and work experience. If the government issues them an invitation, they must then submit an immigration application, with associated fees.

The new system will reduce wait times to six months for applicants to find out if they have been selected. This is a significant reduction in wait times, which had taken up to three years under the previous first-come, first-served process.

However, the legislation has been controversial because the reform eliminated 18,000 existing applications. These applicants will be refunded fees they have paid, and will be able to apply under the new system. Businesses have been more approving of the legislation, which will allow employers to view candidate’s submissions, making it easier for the right employers to find newcomers with skill sets they need.

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