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Member Spotlight: Qamar Yasmeen Tyyebi

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Yasmeen has been an authorized immigration consultant since 2002. She is also a paralegal licensed by the Law Society of Ontario.

Yasmeen remembers one of her challenging cases when she was helping Ali, a member of her extended family with his skilled worker application. Helping Ali settle in Canada was his grandmother’s dying wish. At the time, Yasmeen was employed with an immigration lawyer who was the authorized representative for his case and she was only responsible for filling out the forms of skilled worker applications, including Ali's.

At the time of his application, Ali was employed by an IT company and had a high-profile job and position. However, the company could not let him go and they were not cooperative and did not wish to issue a reference letter. Other challenges included Ali having lost both of his parents within a period of six months. He was suffering from depression, anxiety, and jaundice. Moreover, the case was pro-bono and Yasmeen was covering all costs.

She completed the forms, gathered documents, paid the government and the lawyer's fees and the lawyer filed the case. The visa post from Ali’s native country sent his medical instruction letter. Ali had a family history of jaundice and at the time his medical exam letter arrived, he was suffering from full-blown jaundice. The results came back positive and when Ali was informed, he lost all hope and thought his dream would never come true. The lawyer asked for another medical exam. Unfortunately, Ali’s lawyer ceased operations at this very stage. No one knew where Ali’s file had gone. Yasmeen did not want to deliver bad news to Ali and kept searching for the file. Fortunately, she eventually located it with the help of a former colleague at the lawyer’s office. The file contained the second medical exam instructions with the deadline long gone.

Yasmeen became Ali’s representative and advocated for his case by writing to the visa officer asking him to reopen the case and issue another medical examination instructions on a Humanitarian and Compassionate basis. The officer reconsidered and sent the next medical instructions in a couple of weeks. Ali completed his medical exam, passed it with flying colours as the jaundice had cleared during this period of his lost file. He came to Canada a few months later. He got married and Yasmeen sponsored his wife. He is really proud to be the first one who made it as a skilled worker on his own. Now, he lives happily with his wife, daughter and son in Toronto.

Ali says Yasmeen’s compassion and attention to detail helped him become established in Canada. “I still remember how Yasmeen helped resolve issues in my application,” he added.