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New Pilot Project for Digital ID Recognition

A new pilot project called the Known Traveller Digital Identity will allow those travelling between Canada and the Netherlands to travel without a passport.

The new project, sponsored by tech companies Accenture, Box Vision, and Idemia, will allow people to store information usually contained in a passport on their phones instead, using digital identity verification to ID the person at various points on their journey.

Passengers from Montreal to Amsterdam can manage their data and agree to share it with the airline and border authorities as they travel, and through enough data sharing can obtain “known traveller status.”

Although it may initially seem riskier than being identified by a border security agent, some argue that it would increase border security. Instead of a human looking at a passport photo, verification would come from facial recognition technology based on the information stored in the traveller’s smartphone — making it more difficult for duplicitous travellers to use another person’s identity.

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