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Personalized Course will Help Immigrants Integrate in Québec

A new personalized support program with courses to help immigrants integrate into the job market is designed to both assist immigrants and help the manufacturing industry address its labour shortage.

Supported by Québec Manufacturers and Exporters (MEQ), the course will focus on opportunities in the manufacturing industry as well as the process of getting foreign skill sets and credentials recognized in Canada. The process of getting foreign skills recognized is a common obstacle for skilled newcomers, and the course will be designed to demystify the process.

Although the manufacturing industry has boosted their labour force through the Temporary Foreign Workers program, MEQ finds the program insufficient to address the needs of the industry, which faces intense international competition. The industry needs more skilled workers to help meet the demand in Québec, where it currently faces a labour shortage. On August 15, MEQ will give a presentation about immigration thresholds as they relate to the industry at the National Assembly. 

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