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Pre-Arrival Services Receive Additional $22.5 Million

Additional funding for new pre-arrival services programming is being issued to various groups across Canada.

Pre-arrival services help streamline the process of adjusting to a new life in Canada, helping newcomers make the best decisions for success. Colleges and Institutes of Canada (CICan), the British Columbia Construction Association (BCCA), North York Community House (NYCH), and Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House all received funding this week.

CICan will receive $18.4 million to offer services to economic and family-class pre-arrival clients in India and the Philippines, while also providing specialized services for youth and LGBTQ2S+ groups. 

The BCCA will receive $3.4 million to offer employment services preparing newcomers for work in the construction industry, while NYCH in Ontario will receive $400,424 to help improve online services for end users. 

Vancouver’s Frog Hollow Neighborhood House will receive $151,739 to provide foodservice training to vulnerable newcomer youth, producing jams and chutneys with produce surplus. The program will start by helping 33 young newcomers with employment and language skills, with the potential for future growth.

Not only does funding expand the programs already offered by these services, it also allows for research into new and innovative ways to help newcomers succeed in Canada. 

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