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Protecting Newcomers from Abuse and Violence

Three new initiatives will launch this year to protect newcomers from workplace abuse, domestic violence, and fragmentation of families.

The first starts on June 4 and will allow migrant workers to apply for open work permits if their current employer is abusive. Previously, these workers were susceptible to being taken advantage of or abused by employers if they had an employer-specific work permit. The new initiative ensures that leaving their abusive employer does not mean leaving the country.

The second initiative will begin July 26 and will allow newcomers facing family violence to apply for an exempt temporary resident permit. This will allow them to work in Canada and receive health coverage independently, so they won’t have to stay in abusive relationships. The application process will also be expedited for those who apply for permanent residence on humanitarian and compassionate grounds when faced with domestic violence.

Finally, on September 9 a new pilot project will allow newcomers to sponsor previously undeclared family members, amending a law that barred previously undisclosed immediate family from being sponsored.

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