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Record Number of International Students in Canada

An increasing number of Canadian high school and university students are international, the outcome of a growing trend of school boards actively recruit international students.

These measures have helped students achieve a more global outlook in their education, since they are exposed to different cultural backgrounds and languages, and they have funded schools and boosted enrolment in areas where numbers are down. 

Despite the benefits of having international students, though, one drawback can be the cost for the students themselves, since they often pay double or triple what a domestic student might.

Although there is a stereotype of international students coming from affluent backgrounds, recent studies suggest that this is not usually the case; many international students struggle to pay off the debt they incur. Still, numerous international students say it’s worth the investment. 

Speaking to CTV News, a third-year Lebanese student remarked, "I'm getting a better education and I'm doing more things. If I was in Lebanon, I don't think I would be volunteering as much as I'm volunteering here.” 

The “Performance in International Education, 2018 International Students in Canada” study reflects that sentiment, as 51% of international students in the survey responded that they would like to stay in Canada.