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Resources and Links are Available for Ukrainian Refugees arriving in Canada.

Resources and Links are Available for Ukrainian Refugees arriving in Canada.

Many Ukrainians choose to flee the country, and some choose Canada.

Since the start of the conflict in Ukraine, UNICEF estimates that seven million people are experiencing displacement within Ukraine with Russian war attacks leaving 17.7 million people in need of humanitarian aid. In addition, those living in Ukraine are finding their lives disrupted. For example, less than 60% of schools are safe enough to reopen, leaving children stranded without classes.

Canada's response has been rapid and warm. The Canadian Government is stating openly that it actively supports Ukraine's claim to independence and is opening its borders to refugees from that country. Three chartered flights have arrived at Winnipeg, Montreal, and Halifax airports. Another flight on October 25th will bring 230 Ukrainian citizens to Regina as refugees.

Canada has arranged settlement and orientation services at the provincial and territorial level, a job bank for Ukrainians and a temporary job placement program for Ukrainian scientists. To go further, Canada will support scientists in Ukraine post-conflict in rebuilding their scientific capacity. Ukrainians forced to flee their country with little means of support can apply for a lump-sum payment to help provide for rent and other living expenses required within the first months of arrival.

The one-time payment amount is $3,000 per adult and $1,500 per child under 17 years. Refugees with valid permits for study, work or residency or emergency travel documents from the Canada-Ukraine authorization for emergency travel are eligible to apply. After applying for special funding, the processing time is five days to a Canadian bank; therefore, it is vital that all persons applying for cash support hold a Canadian bank account.

To simplify the process of access information related to immediate needs during this temporary emergency, refugees can access an online portal and link to vital information on coming to Canada and what to do within your first two week here. Ukrainians, their lawyers and Immigration officers can also access financial support information on the Government of Canada's online portal, along with Information for Ukrainians coming to Canada.

Companies and Industry Called on to support Ukrainians arriving in Canada Canadian corporations and non-profits can raise funding and support for the hundreds of Ukrainians now in Canada and those yet arriving via the Canadian Government donation portal. Canada has provided a donation portal and is asking Canadian companies to support Ukrainians. Early donations from large corporations already exceed $400,000.

Those in Canadian companies who want to support Ukrainians’ transition to Canada and help refugees make Canada their new home are invited to learn about resources and methods on a specially designed portal page. The portal fundraising initiative is a partnership between the Government of Canada and CISSA – the Canadian Immigrant

Settlement Sector Alliance. Money raised via the portal will provide "direct and critical support to those in need." You will find complete list of required donations, such as temporary housing, and electronic equipment such as laptops and mobile phones or employment placements online. UNHCR and UNICEF unite to form BlueDot for Ukrainian Refugees The political situation and war are eliciting a quality international response to the humanitarian crisis, with international aid organizations and governments collaborating with local authorities and civil organizations to ensure safe spaces and access to adequate exit strategies for those caught in the violence. UNHCR and UNICEF, with the international community, local authorities, and civil organizations, are working in Ukraine and neighbouring countries to support humanitarian efforts. In its September report on the situation in Ukraine, UNICEF explains that within the last six months, they have delivered more than 8,500 metric tonnes of supplies to those in need. In addition, UNICEF is active in ensuring that 4.1 million women and children have access to primary healthcare, and 1.1 million children have access to education.

In addition, the two organizations, with their partners, have organized Blue Dot safe hubs to provide secure areas and practical, reliable information to individuals and families fleeing war violence in their homeland. Blue Dot Hubs are located within Ukraine along the major travel routes to different countries. Ukrainians can safely access Blue Dot Hubs for travel and health information. Beyond that, Blue Dot Hubs offer medical support and counselling. These hubs are a valuable resource to people fleeing their homes in Ukraine.

In addition, Ukrainians can access information about their rights and practical details related to accommodations, legal aid, and protection services. Find Blue Dot Hubs located at train and bus stations along main exit routes and in the countries of Hungary, Italy, Moldova, Poland, and Romania, with helplines set up in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Moldova, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia. In addition, a map is available online for BlueDot locations for those planning their route to safety. Since many Ukrainians have access to the internet and social media, affected individuals are invited to visit, the Digital Blue Dot hub launched by UNHCR and UNICEF for Ukrainians. This site provides reliable information for making decisions about long-distance travel, movement across borders and access to services. Ukrainians in Ukraine and specified countries where Blue Dot is can easily recognize Blue Dot workers by the large blue dot on white aprons. Trained workers provide support to the “immediate and multiple needs of many people on the move from Ukraine". Ukrainians, Immigration Consultants, and their lawyers are invited to learn more about Resource Page and Helpline. 230 Ukrainians arrives in Regina

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