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Two New Caregiver Pilots for Newcomers

The Home Child Care Provider and Home Support Worker pilots will replace the Caring for Children and Caring for People with High Medical Needs pilots.

The new pilot programs will be open for applications on June 18 to those with existing job offers in Canada. However, the update will make their work permits occupation-specific rather than employer-specific, allowing them to change employers if needed. 

Additionally, this means employers won’t have to submit a Labour Market Impact Assessment to hire a caregiver from another country. Caregivers will also have access to open work permits for immediate family members and a clear pathway to permanent resident status after two years of work experience.

Each pilot program will have 2,750 spots available, plus immediate family. Caregivers who have applied to the older pilot programs will have their applications processed for the new program, and applications for the older programs will close on June 18. 

New applicants will have 12-month processing times, with six months for finalizing applications that meet the work experience requirement.

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