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Adding spouse as dependent to the file before PPR

By: Athar on Dec 18, 2021 01:04 PM EST
Hi Everyone,

I would like to know from you regarding the below situation.

My fiancée has an AOR of Mar 2020. Recently, she got a re-medical request and she completed it on December 14, 2021.

I have an AOR of Jan 2021 as a single applicant. I am planning to get married and get added to her file now.

Is that a good option? Or should we continue our separate applications and marry later on. It’s really up to us. Both of us are FSWO EE candidates.

Also, I have got UAE work visa rejection in the past where the reason was not revealed. This was back in 2015. I have mentioned this in my application. Right now, I am waiting for my GCMS notes.

How do you think we should proceed?

Looking forward to your help.
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