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BC PNP Entrepreneur visa failure in meeting the requirement in your final report. 

By: repe on Jan 08, 2021 01:44 AM EST
Hi there, I have a question. I signed a performance agreement last year with the province that requires my business to employ 2 full time.

Now, because of many reasons (COVID included), I can only employ one full time. I have asked my referent some flexibility and the answer has been that "Given the current economic situation, they will allow a temporary change in the required full-time employees, However, at the time of my final report submission, I will be expected to demonstrate that you have consistently employed two full-time equivalent jobs, continuously, for at least six months".

Considering that I will have to submit my final report 7 months from today, they are expecting that I will hire a second person within 4 weeks. Needless to say that I would go bust if would do that.

Now the question is: what happens if I failed in meeting all the requirements of my personal agreement? There is no information about that. Will I have time to keep working in my business and try to sell it after my temporary working visa will expire? Or should I try to sell it immediately knowing that I have no chance to hire a second person?

I even thought to hire a second person for the 6 months required prior to the final report and go under, but I since I will be required to maintain the number of employees even after the nomination. And that would be unaffordable.

Any suggestion?
Thank you
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