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Change of visitor status

By: Lydie on Apr 27, 2020 10:28 AM EST

We are a French family with visitor status since our arrival in Quebec last October, our primary intention being to visit Canada. Following the current health crisis, we preferred to remain confined to the place where we live, in the countryside (as also advised by the French Consulate to avoid displacement), and asked for an extension of stay.
But as a lot of people, our future is in question, and we have to change our original plans and adapt to this new situation.
My spouse specializes in the fields of agriculture and agrifood. Many Quebec employers in these fields are currently looking for workers, and we know a few who would be interested in his profile.

So our question is this: is there a way for a foreign visitor to get a work permit from Canada exceptionnally in these essential areas?

Foreign visitors already present in Quebec for a few months, like us, do not present any particular risk of contamination with Covid-19, and therefore do not have to respect the compulsory 14 days confinement, unlike foreign workers arriving from outside, which is an advantage for employers.

With our thanks,
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