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Changing employer on employer specific skilled worker work permit

By: jack@MUP on Jan 23, 2022 01:52 PM EST
Dear consultant,

I have a top senior role in a huge start-up and moved with my family here from Europe summer of 2021. Children in university.
Current employer not meeting neither business standards nor contractual obligations leading to job insecurity.
The project seems to be constantly delayed.
Now I have been approached by another potential employer in exactly the same role but operating for many decades. I meet all qualifications and salary/package similar.

My questions are:
- If I pursue this job, is it relatively easy to qualify for a change of work permit to a new employer ( and if so duration).
- at what stage will the old employer be informed, if at all. Wish to avoid losing my current role and/or not getting the new role as this would be disastrous in terms of study as well for children.
- I have also this month applied for permanent residency ( was advised takes 6-9 months) but this will likely be too late for the potential new employer to wait. Will it have consequences for my permanent residency application, if I apply now for a new work permit for my potential new employer?

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