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Express Entry- ICT WP to PR

By: Preetav2882 on Sep 22, 2019 08:21 PM EST
Dear Friends,

I am an aspirant for Canadian PR through Express Entry and have already started preparation to embark this journey. I am currently working in Canada (Montreal, QC) since last1 year 1 month on ICT WP which is LMIA exempt in the capacity of a Delivery Manager. My Employer is based out of Toronto and my temporary client side work location is Montreal QC. I am intending to move out of Quebec after my current assignment is over. As it happens with many ICT WP holder, there are few obvious challenges from Employers side in terms of documentation and hence I am seeking out help from experienced people in this forum who were in similar situation like me. I will really appreciate any help with below questions:

1) My Employer will not be providing Job reference letter for PR purpose for sure. However to prove my roles and responsibilities, I have a letter from the same employer which he provided to file for ICT WP. Along with this letter I have old deputation letters to USA (I was in USA for 7 years before coming to Canada) which mentions exact same roles and responsibilities that I going to claim experience of 3 + years for. Can I provide these letters to claim Job experience points outside Canada?

2) I am claiming 50 points for valid Job offer. To prove the same I have a secondment letter from my employer that tells that I am transferred from my Base location to Canada on ICT WP. It has an agreement that says that my tenure of deputation may get increased and extension will be filed as required. Also I can be moved to any location in Canada to provide my services. Since I am full time permanent employee I don't have any mention of "1 year of Job offer" ( standard requirement by IRCC). Can I use the same to claim Job offer points. I have a letter from my company (again for ICT WP) which also tells that I am bonafied employee with my company since 2010

3) To claim points for '1 year Canada experience', can I use my latest payslips, WP and T4. Again my company will not provide a letter for PR purpose however I can get letter with all relevant information for a different purpose specified like availing home loan or credit card. Can I use the same as proof of experience.

Apologies for long post however really need your feedback to handle this properly
By: Zhang Hui on Sep 23, 2019 12:32 PM EST
Hi there,

Usually, employment letter is required to prove your work experience, especially you are employed in Canada where that letter is a common practice. As for job offer, it is mandatory if you claim the points for arranged employment, which is not simply the requirement of IRCC, but of the s. 82 of the Regulations: The fact of being a full-time permanent employee cannot replace the job offer proof. Please also refer to this webpage of IRCC:

As your questions are not general; instead, they are directly related to your situation and Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs) should not discuss specific cases for the best interest of clients as well as for clients' confidentiality protection, I suggest you contact one of our members for a consultation:

Good Luck,

Zhang, Hui
RCIC, R524643
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