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Funds for Visitor Visa Application for Parents (Less than 6 Months)

By: Bhargava Krishna Rallapalli on Sep 01, 2021 04:18 PM EST
HI All
I am in the process of applying for my parents Visitor Visa. I am planning their visit next year in April. I had a few doubts about the process.
1. How my much funding should I show for both my parents for their 2 months visit? Can I show that my parents and I are sharing the expenses of the visit. That is, on the IMM5257e form, under the Funds Available section, can I show cumulative funds from my bank statements and my parents' ? I would of course provide my bank statements, Payslips and Offer letter along with Invitation letter.

2. What proof do I need to provide to convince the officer that my parents will be going back? Would a return ticket suffice? My parents have ties in India as they own the house they live in, and also take care of my 6 year old Niece.

Thank you for your advices
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