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Getting work in Canada

By: Fahad on Feb 08, 2019 03:29 PM EST
What are the best ways to apply to jobs in Canada? Will my work experience and schooling help me?
Robyn Jones[CICC ID: R514419]
By: ROBYN JONES[CICC ID: R514419] on Feb 28, 2019 06:52 PM EST
Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant and Immigration Instructor operating in Nanaimo, BC. Assisting clients in most areas of Canada and the rest of the world.
Your work experience and education can help you find a job. A lot is going to depend on what that experience and education entails and how high a demand there is for occupations in which you have experience. Applying for positions through national and local job sites can help. and are two national scope sites. If you have a licensed or regulated profession, there may be offers within trade websites or regulator sites. Keep in mind that to actually be issued a work permit, you also need to be able to obtain the Canadian license if yours is an occupation requiring licensing.

Recruiting companies can help here as well, but be very cautious. If a recruiter or "agent" is asking you to pay for any part of obtaining a job, this is not legal, and more likely you are about to be scammed. Legitimate recruiters charge the EMPLOYER only, and the employer is not permitted to recover recruiting costs from you. No agent may represent you in submitting your work permit application, either, unless they are also an authorized representative. An authorized representative WILL charge you for completion of a work permit application, and this is allowed.

You can confirm whether or not someone is a an Authorized RCIC by choosing someone from the MyConsultant site, or by doing a name search on the ICCRC website here: If the person's name shows up, click the "Contact" link and use the email address on that link to email the RCIC directly. Sometimes impersonators will steal our identities and pretend to be us. The only way to be sure the person you are dealing with is real is to use one of these two methods to confirm.

good luck in finding work in Canada.
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