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To work in Canada, most foreign workers need to obtain a work permit before they can work in Canada.

Proof of work

By: Proof of work on Aug 22, 2021 07:21 PM EST

I worked for one and a half year as a carpenter in Toronto, but I didn’t have work permit. I know I couldn’t but I needed.

I’m out of Canada for 2 years and I have a job offer from a Canadian company who wants to hire me as a carpenter.

How can I proof my experience if I was working illegally?

Another thing.

CBSA knows that I worked illegally as didn’t lie when asked by the officer when flagpoling in order to get a WP back in september 2019. They refused to give me the WP and told me that I had to leave Canada in 7 days and I had a six months ban to apply again. Now I have this new job offer two year after that.

Any advice helps.

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