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PEI’s Immigrant Population Gives Economy a Boost

While a lack of diversity in Atlantic Canada remains an issue, PEI has become the leader of the Atlantic provinces at welcoming newcomers.

6.4% of PEI’s total population was born in another country, and after ten years of growing its workforce through immigration, the province’s economy has grown along with it — it is now the fastest growing Atlantic province, with the most job creation and the highest GDP growth in the region during the last decade. 

PEI’s success makes it an important model for the rest of Atlantic Canada, highlighting the importance of welcoming newcomers and accepting diversity. While 22% of all Canadians are born in another country, the relatively low percentage of newcomers in Atlantic Canada means there is still work to do in helping the region become more inviting to immigrants. 

A lack of diversity and largely rural populations are barriers, but PEI’s example shows that these barriers can be overcome with time.