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Parents and Grandparents Program Deadline is June 28

The PGP program helps immigrants unite their families by allowing them to sponsor a parent or grandparent to immigrate to Canada.

Anyone over the age of 18 who has obtained Canadian citizenship and meets the income requirements can participate in the program, although they will have to sign an agreement to support the sponsored family members for 20 years. 

The PGP program was updated in 2019 to approve applicants on a first come, first served basis, replacing the previously random approval process. Applicants who filled out the interest to sponsor form earlier this year have been selected for approval and 27,000 invitations were sent out between April 24 and April 27. 

Those who have received invitations must fill out a complete application and send it back to IRCC by June 28, 2019 — late submissions won’t be accepted, and applicants who have been invited but fail to complete the process will not get another invitation. 

IRCC recommends that those invited begin gathering information for the submission process now.