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Program Updates: Medical Exams and Validity Periods for Study Permits

IRCC has updated rules concerning study permits and medical examinations for newcomers.

Applicants who need to complete prerequisite courses (such as ESL courses) will now receive study permits that accommodate the length of that course, in addition to the standard year for subsequent studies. When they complete the prerequisite course, the institution providing the course will issue them a letter to submit when they apply to Canada as a temporary resident. 

There have also been updates to the rules that clarify certain procedures that were already in place but were previously unclear, as stated on the IRCC’s update webpage.

Recent updates to medical examination practices mean that all permanent resident applicants must now have a medical exam, except for most newcomers working as live-in caregivers. This rule includes family members who are included in their application who want to live in Canada. If a person wants to live in Canada for six months or less, they don’t need a medical exam —unless they plan to work in public health during their stay, in which case the exam is mandatory regardless of how long their stay is. Students are exempt from the exam as well, unless they’re from a country that requires one. 

For more information on the specific rules about medical exam requirements, visit IRCC’s Immigration Medical Exam webpage.

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