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Provincial Nominee Program Draws: July 1—8

Three new PNP draws have taken place in July, with British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba issuing a total of 441 invitations under various provincial streams.

In British Columbia, 42 invitations were issued under the Tech Pilot draw, with minimum scores of 90 across all categories in the draw. Saskatchewan issued 45 invitations under its Entrepeneur EOI System, with the minimum score of 120 remaining constant since March. However, the highest score in the draw has crept slowly upward in the last three months, from 135 in March to 155 in July.

Manitoba’s draw was the largest of the three, inviting 354 candidates to the province, including 91 with a valid Express Entry ID. Under the Strategic Recruitment Initiative 45 candidates were invited with a minimum score of 619, while the minimum score for other candidates was 594, five points fewer than the June 20 draw.

PNP draws help provinces find workers with the skills they need and select candidates who are most likely to succeed economically in the province.

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