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Windsor One of Canada's Fastest Growing Cities

The latest census data from Statistics Canada puts Windsor on the map as one of the fastest growing Canadian cities, tied for third place with Ottawa.

The statistics, which cover the period of July 1, 2017 to July 1, 2018 show a 2.5% population spurt, bringing Windsor’s total population to 349,718. 

Immigration has played a significant role in the population increase, with Windsor becoming a popular destination for newcomers. 

Speaking to the Windsor Star about the growth of the city, Frazier Fathers, director of continuous improvement for United way, touched on Windsor’s affordability and multiculturalism as some of the key factors attracting new residents. Windsor’s housing is much more affordable than that of neighbouring Toronto, which may have attracted some former city residents to the smaller city. 

Frazier also noted Windsor’s welcoming atmosphere, noting, “We now have an established population of newcomers who may be sharing information back to their home country — their friends or relatives — they should also come to Windsor.”